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I have my life pretty much in order besides my shitty weight! lol

SW: 232 lbs
CW: 215 [july]
GW: 152 lbs

Possible Rewards
Purse/bag, Earrings & Haircut, New outfit & Jewelry, New Wardrobe, Tattoos, and a Bikini... maybe!

If I ever get a flatish tummy, I want a belly piercing! :)

I just followed more sex blogs… which means I can’t open my Tumblr around people again.

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"My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via te-hya)

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take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

This gave me anxiety

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My throat kind of tickles…

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