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I have my life pretty much in order besides my shitty weight! lol Well, here goes my EVERYTHING...

SW: 232 lbs
CW: 200 lbs [Jan 29]
GW: 150 lbs

Possible Rewards
Purse/bag, Earrings & Haircut, New outfit & Jewelry, New Wardrobe, Tattoos, and a Bikini... maybe!

If I ever get a flatish tummy, I want a belly piercing! :)


#AprilIntentions day 22, Eagle pose, Garudasana, hosted by tothemarathonandback
Today my intention is to lead.
A true challenge in eagle pose is to hang here for a full minute. Exaggerate bringing your right leg over your left — bring it as high as it will go and wrap it around. Go as low as your body will allow you while scooping your belly in and flattening your back. 
See where that block is in this picture? If you’re having a hard time balancing, use your foot as a kickstand where the block is. I did that for the first couple breaths I sat in this (it BURNS). When you’re moving into eagle arms, try grabbing your shoulder blades first. Reach for your back, and then bring them forward to wrap the right under the left (since your right leg is over your left leg). If your wrists aren’t straight, try touching the backs of the hands instead of the palms. 
We recently had to hold garudasana for a very long time in a class and this is how she had us do it. I felt it in my hips and thighs more than ever! <3

Homemade Honey Roasted Peanut Butter


*Jesus does the cup song at the Last Supper* You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

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losing everything but weight

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